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Very cute! Fun and cheap projects to keep your kids entertained! Found this browsing through Pinterest and I thought it would be a great idea :) especially since most of the materials you can find lying around the house! All you parents should check it out :)

Excited to announce that we are about to release a whole new line of Keycals!! Crazy fun designs like these AND new sizes like Mac Air 11 inch and extended keyboard! Let us know what you think!!

Heading to college?! Or know someone who is? Get personalized, waterproof, durable labels to stick on everything from your laptop to water-bottle, and on all your toiletries to never lose anything in the dorms again! Avoid getting any of your stuff mixed up with someone else with our fun, personalized designs :)

I wouldn’t even be surprised if clothing started having these labels!! Too funny. I should create some of these personalized stickers for kidecals. So cute :) and I’m sure parents would love it!

I love this sticker! Good way to label all of your clothing and gear before you send your kids off to camp! There’s no way they will come back empty handed with these convenient stickers :)

30 Magical Photos Of Children Playing Around The World.

Such an awesome collection of images from all around the world of children playing. What a beautiful reminder of the power of imagination and play

USA USA! Show your country pride with this cool vintage feel American flag keycals set! Show it off to all of your friends or pass it along as a gift! Hope everyone has a fun celebration ahead :)


Intern’s keyboard stickers are all set up on her mac! This beautiful mix of ombre, roses, polka dots and stripes is a great way to jazz up your keyboard! The floral keys even spell out “LOVE”

Finally labels to make my food in my cabinets and fridge look neat and organized! These have helped me so much with deciding when to throw out old food instead of looking all over packages for expiration dates! Couldn’t be more excited :)

Sending your kids off to camp this summer?! Don’t forget to get your customized, durable labels at to keep track of all their stuff!!

Our waterproof camp labels for clothing also work great on gear such as headlamps, canteens, sleeping bags, and even on the inside of hiking boots. They are virtually indestructible! 

Haha! Anyone ever feel like this? Cheers to those supermom’s out there! 

I laughed so hard at this! Even though I love my children all the same, I’m not complaining about the quieter one :) Stay strong mom’s!

Love monograms!? We do too! Check out our line of preppy, personalized monogram stickers that would look perfect on your laptop, back of your phone, or even your favorite water bottle!

Love this keyboard sticker! My intern picked this out personally for herself and showed it off to all of her friends! Easy to see when typing and fun to show off to make her computer look super unique! Can’t wait to see what you guys think of the rest of our keycals and other fun stickers! #kidecals #keycals #purple #funstickers